Thursday, May 7, 2009


Baltimore native Philip Morsberger (b. 1933) studied at Oxford in the mid-1950s and from 1971-1984 was the university’s Ruskin Master of Drawing. He used the prestigious position to develop and head a now renowned, full-blown art department at Oxford University. In the United States, Morsberger has taught at Harvard University, Dartmouth University, UC Berkeley, the California College of Arts and Crafts, Miami University and other institutions. He retired from teaching after a five-year stint as Williams S. Morris Eminent Scholar in Art at Augusta State University in Augusta, Ga. His work is in several museums, including the San Francisco Museum of Art.


Fiesty Sister said...

You, dear man, continue to be an amazing inspiration to your former students. I was a drawing student and in your, "The Art of Seeing" class at the College of St. Benedict in 1985 - 86. I learned so much about trusting my heart and letting my art spirit stay free. I have recently started a new project to help Artists' who face ongoing health challenges, and I am writing up a proposal to teach a writing class at the Art Institute here in Minneapolis. You are still inspiring to me. You helped me become who I am. Thank you, dear Philip. Jeanne

karen said...

Taught at Miami University in the mid-1960s. I know because he taught me.

Thelma Chambers said...

Dear Mr. Morseberger, I was a student of yours at the Ruskin, Thelma Chambers, do you remember me? we all remember you with much affection and still talk about some of your comments to us as young artists which were very witty. Many of us are still painting and now I am staging a show in Oxford to mark the 35th anniversary of our graduation it is called "Connecting the Dots" : 35 Years of Life and Art

A group exhibition of works by Graduates of the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art

Class of 1976-1979

The contemplative journey through a lifetime of making art continues for these artists who first met at the Ruskin School in Oxford and who come together now to celebrate their vision after 35 years.

Participants so far in this group exhibition :

Kerry John Andrews

Catriona Brodribb

Michael Buck

Thelma Chambers

Barry Cottrell

Chris Gerlach

Peter Lloyd Jones

Candy Kuhl

Victoria Rees

so anyhow I just wanted to say hello and hope you are well very best wishes Thelma x